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SUPPORT Keeping it wild
28th October 2021

The SATSA Decision Making Tool gives people six questions to guide them into making the right decision about whether or not…

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AVOID Riding of wild animals
26th October 2021

#ThinkBeforeYouGo: For any wild animal, having a human ride or sit on it’s back, is contrary to their natural behaviour and…

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AVOID Tactile interactions with predators and cetaceans
22nd October 2021

#ThinkBeforeYouGo: Predators are dangerous animals that can inflict serious injury to humans, especially during stressful and unnatural activities that put them…

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AVOID Walking with predators or elephants
19th October 2021

#ThinkBeforeYouGo: The training and handling techniques used to train wild animals to walk alongside humans are frequently harmful to the animals…

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AVOID Tactile interactions with infant wildlife
30th September 2021

#ThinkBeforeYouGo: If you are given the opportunity to touch, hold, feed or play with a wild baby animal in captivity in…

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#ThinkBeforeYouGo: AVOID Performing animals
27th September 2021

The first one of five groups of captive wildlife activities to AVOID, as highlighted by the SATSA guidelines, is supporting facilities…

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Why were the SATSA Guidelines created?
23rd September 2021

The SATSA Guidelines and Decision Making Tool were created around an ethical framework with an African approach, which recognises the importance…

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Unpacking the SATSA Guidelines
21st September 2021

In 2019, SATSA drew a firm line in the sand concerning captive wildlife attractions in South Africa’s tourism space, which is…

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