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AVOID Tactile interactions with predators and cetaceans

#ThinkBeforeYouGo: Predators are dangerous animals that can inflict serious injury to humans, especially during stressful and unnatural activities that put them in close proximity to humans.

Why avoid tactile interactions with predators and cetaceans?

  1. It can be dangerous for humans
  2. There is unnecessary hands-on training and handling involved
  3. The animals don’t have freedom of choice
  4. The animals are forced to exhibit unnatural behaviour
  5. It serves no educational value
  6. It serves no conservation value

It is unnatural and unethical for predators and cetaceans to interact with humans and these activities can be extremely stressful for these animals.

In addition, the training and handling techniques frequently used can be harmful and indicate that these types of interactions are not in the best interest of the animals.