800 Voices for 800 Lions on World Lion Day 2020

Did you know?

...that South Africa legally exported 800 lion skeletons per year in 2017 and 2018?


For World Lion Day 2020, Blood Lions and World Animal Protection partnered to mobilise supporters and put pressure on the South African Government to continue setting a zero CITES lion bone export quota.

We wanted to inspire YOU to raise YOUR voice for lions by creating your very own LION ART, whether this is drawing, painting, photography, music, poetry or dance – anything goes.

We were aiming for at least 800 pieces of art, representing the quota of 800 lion skeletons South Africa exported every year for use in traditional medicine that have no proven curative benefits.

It was our goal to submit these 800 pieces of lion art to Minister Barbara Creecy in the lead up to the G20 Summit and urge them to decide against a continuation of the legal trade in big cat bones and body parts.

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*Disclaimer: All artworks showcased by this campaign belong to the artists credited and are not owned by Blood Lions NPC

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THANK YOU to everyone who submitted a piece of Lion Art to this campaign.