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Wildlife volunteer attacked by cheetah in captive facility

This is an excerpt from an article written by David Henning and published online by Getaway on 07 July, 2021

A Belgian volunteer at a captive predator facility was attacked by a cheetah during feeding. Amandine Lequime was filming outside of the cheetah’s enclosure while her colleague was on feeding duty last month, when the cheetah proceeded to jump on her back, aiming for her throat. She recently came forward with her experience in a media statement from Blood Lions.

The name and location of the facility has not been released.

In a comment, Amandine said: “I lost my balance and fell to the ground, where the cheetah continued to bite and claw my arms and legs until the facility manager succeeded in getting the cheetah away from me. I ended up in hospital for treatment of several deep bite marks and cuts that caused muscle damage and required stitches”.

She subsequently discovered that the same cheetah had attacked the manager two years earlier, causing serious neck and leg injuries.