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New SATSA guidelines discourage wildlife interactions

This is an excerpt from an article written by Leila Stein and published online by Getaway on 27 January, 2020.

The SATSA has announced that its new guidelines will ban all infant wildlife interaction, walking with predators or elephants, interacting with predators or riding wildlife activities in the country.

According to Travel Africa Magazine, they hope to implement these new guidelines by the end of July 2020. This after a year-long research process into the industry.

The new guidelines acknowledge that captive attractions and activities that involve wild animals are unethical and often do significant harm to the animals involved. In addition, they also warn against facilities which may be involved in the illegal wildlife trade, canned hunting and breeding.

“The guide provides all those involved in the tourism value chain with informed method of selecting appropriate animal interaction products within the tourism sector of South Africa,” said SATSA on their website.

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