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Lodge loses defamation case against Blood Lions

This is an excerpt from an article written by Nica Richards and published by The Citizen on 2 August, 2020

Ukutula Lodge admitted that the film does not expressly implicate it in the canned hunting and lion bone trade, and the case has been dismissed with costs.

Ukutula Lodge’s application for injunctive relief against Blood Lions and its crew, launched in September last year, has been unsuccessful.

The film, launched in July 2015, sought to educate viewers in the potential links between breeding lions in captivity and the array of revenue streams within the industry, explained safari operator, and lead character and researcher of Blood Lions, Ian Michler.

Ukutula Lodge felt it was defamed by the documentary. The facility was included in the film because it happens to be one of the largest captive predator facilities, and offers cub petting.

The lodge wanted all depictions, references and images of them removed from the film, as well as a formal written statement confirming no evidence found any link between Ukutula and the canned lion hunting and trade industry.

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