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PRESS RELEASE: Youth globally put pressure on the South African Government to phase out the country’s captive predator breeding industry
6th July 2020

06 July 2020 Over 622 youth from around the world have signed a letter calling on the South African Government to…

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Unfair Game: SA’s captive-breeding shame aired in harrowing UK exposé
18th June 2020

Written by Louzel Lombard Steyn “Something has gone terribly wrong in a country which I love. I am determined that it…

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Conservation leaders urge UN World Tourism Organisation: Curb wildlife exploitation in ‘tomorrow’s tourism’
1st June 2020

Written by Louzel Lombard Steyn The thing with keeping wildlife in cages is that it almost always turns around to bite…

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NEWS: Captive breeding of Cheetah in South Africa
18th May 2020

BLOOD LIONS STATEMENT: 18 May 2020 South Africa is well-known for its intensive captive lion breeding industry, but its captive cheetah…

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BREAKING NEWS: Emaciated captive bred lions found again at Slippers facilities
13th May 2020

PRESS RELEASE: 13 May 2020 The National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) are in the process of laying animal cruelty charges in…

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NEWS: Blood Lions and Love Africa Marketing win at WTM Africa 2020
12th May 2020

PRESS RELEASE: 12 May 2020 Blood Lions Campaign in conjunction with Love Africa Marketing have won “Most Compelling Digital Story” in…

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PRESS RELEASE: A call to the World Health Organisation to assist in a permanent ban on wildlife market
6th April 2020

06 April 2020 Amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic, Blood Lions together with over 240 leading animal welfare and conservation organisations from…

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Why do we have this urge to engage in the unnatural and pet a lion?
2nd March 2020

Written by Dr Louise de WaalPubished on 03 March, 2020 This is a question I have asked myself many times. Petting…

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Coronavirus: China proposes immediate ban on wildlife consumption as food
26th February 2020

Written by Blood LionsPubished on 26 February, 2020 The novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) epidemic remains a daily news item with many new…

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NEWS: Blood Lions releases new ‘HOPE’ video clip
5th February 2020

Blood Lions marks its milestones … there is hope? Blood Lions is commemorating its 5th (or Wood) anniversary this year and…

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