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PRESS RELEASE: Award-winning publisher Green Kids Club releases new book: A Tail of Three Lions

23 December 2020

Durban, South Africa [23 December 2020] – Green Kids Club, Inc. announced today the release of the seventh title in its “Environmental Heroes” book series.  The new book, the title of which includes fun word play alluding to the main animal characters is called, “A Tail of Three Lions”.  The story is about a young lion cub named Tau living in Africa who looks to rescue his brother from hunters, and introduces the concepts of poaching and exploitation as well as recognized lion sanctuaries to children.

A Tail of Three Lions is co-written by Sylvia Medina, founder of Green Kids Club and Ian Michler, the lead character of the award-winning documentary, Blood Lions and co-leader of the related campaign to end practices like farming, poaching and other forms of exploitation threatening African lions.  The book is illustrated empathetically by Morgan Spicer and, with rich photographs in the back pages following the story, also introduces children to facts about lions, their habitat and human threats.   

Co-Author and Blood Lions co-leader, Ian Michler, commented, “Humanity has an abusive relationship with the environment and all other species, and much of this is due to a lack of appropriate education and awareness during our school years. Green Kids Club and its thoughtful books geared to children such as A Tail of Three Lions play such a significant role in filling this knowledge gap.  In addition, by purchasing the book you are also supporting lion conservation in the wild and efforts that are aimed at securing the survival of Africa’s most iconic species.”  

Author, and Founder of Green Kids Club, Sylvia Medina commented, “I am thrilled to collaborate on this book with Ian, who has well-documented the unfortunate circumstances of lion farming, exploitation and poaching, pioneering his research in the Blood Lions movie and by leading an associated campaign to end all of these threatening practices.  Just over a century ago over 200,000 lions were living in Africa and today there are only between 14,000 and 25,000 left. As with all the books in this Environmental Heroes series, we hope to educate elementary-aged children about the challenges animals face in their environments and how humans can both be a hindrance as well as a help for them to thrive.”

The Environmental Heroes series are books featuring stories about animals and their survival, often with human heroes that help them on their journey, and, in addition to today’s title release, include the following titles: Grizzly 399; Learning About Elephants; Princess; Little Moyo; Molelo, The Fire Elephant; and, Elee and the Shining Star.  The stories take children on adventures while at the same time helping them to learn about natural resources, conservation, preservation and appreciation for animals and their habitats.

About Green Kids Club

Green Kids Club (GKC) was founded by Sylvia Medina, an environmental engineer, activist and mother of three.  GKC encourages children to be the protectors of our environment and endangered species. GKC works with, and, by donating sales proceeds from its books, supports non-profit initiatives including: Elephants Without Borders, Love the Wild Foundation, Saving the Survivors, The Cougar Fund and Orang Utan Republik Foundation.  GKC also works with schools across the USA and internationally, including locations in Belize and Botswana. To purchase Green Kids Club books, go to or to their Facebook page.

About Ian Michler

Ian Michler has spent the last thirty years working as a safari operator, specialist guide, environmental photojournalist and consultant across Africa. He has published seven natural history books on Africa and his writing has appeared in a broad range of local and international publications.  Ian is also the lead character, researcher and co-leader of the related campaign for the award-winning documentary Blood Lions.  Blood Lions, which was distributed by PBS International, follows acclaimed environmental journalist and safari operator Ian Michler, and American hunter, Rick Swazey, on their journey to uncover the realities of the multi-million dollar predator breeding and canned lion hunting industries in South Africa. He is based in South Africa, where he runs his safari company, Invent Africa (

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