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Where Have All the Ethics Gone?
26th September 2011

A few months ago, the south African press carried reports about a dispute between two ‘wildlife parks’ over the ownership of…

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Botswana Gets it Right
28th March 2011

News accounts about environmental concerns in Africa continue to hit the headlines and most, unfortunately, are negative in tone. Given the…

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If it Stays, it Pays
26th September 2010

Trophy hunting associations in Africa and elsewhere have always claimed to be vehemently opposed to canned hunting – the practice of…

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A Conservation Con?
28th September 2009

Earlier this year, the Free State High Court in Bloemfontein, South Africa, handed down its long-awaited judgement in the case between…

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A Fair Chase?
26th August 2009

Within Botswana’s ecotourism industry, word is in the air that the trophy hunting sector is about to undergo a major review….

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Tiger-Bone Wine
22nd February 2009

This is an excerpt from an article published online by WildTrust Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has an ancient and multifaceted heritage…

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Canning Canned Hunting
26th June 2007

At long last South Africa has an updated set of regulations in place that should begin to shape a clampdown on…

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Back in the Hunt
8th March 2006

In an insightful analysis of the dynamics of trophy hunting, Ian McCallum in Ecological Intelligence: Rediscovering Ourselves in Nature, has this…

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How The Lid Was Lifted on Canned Lions
23rd October 1998

In his new book, Gareth Patterson describes for the first time the sting operation that blew the lid off the ‘canned’…

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