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PRESS RELEASE: World Lion Day 2019


10 August 2019

World Lion Day is an annual celebration of the magnificent king of the African bushveld and is dedicated to raising awareness for lion conservation worldwide.

Currently, over 8 000 predators are being held in cages or confined areas in South Africa to be used in commercial operations such as cub petting and ‘walking with lion’ activities, canned hunting and the lion bone industry – all under the guise of conservation. Blood Lions exposes the exploitation related to unethical and insidious practices associated with wildlife interactive tourism. The Blood Lions story is a compelling call to action to have these practices stopped and encourages viewers of the film, visitors to Africa and followers on social media to make responsible choices about visiting or supporting wildlife interactive tourism facilities and activities. Through awareness and by reducing demand for exploitative products, the campaign aims to bring an end to the exploitation of captive-bred wild animals.

You can help the Blood Lions campaign and stand up against captive predator breeding – see below for a variety of ways you can help:

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