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We need YOUR support for our Open Letter to SA Ministers

We need your support in urging the South African government to finally prioritize the welfare and well-being of captive lions.

We are appealing to Minister Creecy (Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries) to urgently carry out a comprehensive national audit of the current commercial captive lion industry, including the welfare conditions of the big cats involved, in order to minimise unintended negative welfare impacts during the planned phase out of the industry.

We are also appealing to Minister Didiza (Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development) to bring more urgency to the progression of the new Animal Welfare Bill by setting some clear and prompt timelines for the development and implementation of this Bill, and to urgently involve outside stakeholders into the process.

Sign the Petition and Read the Open Letter to these South African Ministers below.

It’s time for South Africa to #CancelCaptivity.