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UK to ban import of trophy hunting souvenirs to help endangered animals

The UK is set to ban the import of sick souvenirs from hunting, it has emerged.

The Conservative government is poised to announce a ban on trophies following decades of campaigning by animal rights groups.

People from the UK have been travelling abroad and killing innocent animals for their body parts.

Endangered animals including elephants, leopards, rhinos and lions are gunned down by tourists eager to show off their spoils. can reveal that in the past decade, the UK was the destination of some 2,242 ‘trophies’ from killed animals – 15% of which were from endangered species.

These include including heads, feet, tails, tusks and horns.

Among these were the remains of 80 lions, with 48 declared as ‘captive bred’, meaning they are likely to have come from canned hunts in South Africa.

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