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‘There are three to four times more lions in captivity than we have in the wild’

This is an excerpt from an article written by Siyamthanda Matiso and published online by Radio 702. on 03 May, 2021

Blood Lions campaign Manager Dr Louise de Waal says they welcome a ban on the breeding of lions in captivity for trophy hunting.

Minister Barbara Creecy on Sunday announced that there will be a ban when it comes to the breeding of lions in captivity for trophy hunting or for tourists to pet, in a bid to promote a more “authentic” experience.

She has since instructed her Department to put processes in place to halt the sale of captive lion derivatives, this includes the appropriate disposal of existing lion bone stockpiles and lion bone from euthanised lions, the hunting of captive-bred lions, and tourist interactions with captive lions.

Campaign Manager for Blood Lions, Dr Louise de Waal, says they are in support and still coming to terms with the minister’s announcement as it will bring enormous change which they as an organisation has been campaigning for many years since the launch of their documentary in 2015.

Listen to the full interview at the link below.