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Taylor Swift dedicates latest ‘Wildest Dreams’ music video to conservation in Africa

Cape Town – The profits of Taylor Swift’s latest music video will go to African conservation, the Hollywood superstar’s video states.

“Wildest Dreams,” the newest Swift song, debuted at the Video Music Awards (VMA) Awards on Sunday, 30 August, and has already been viewed almost 20 million times on YouTube at the time of publishing.

The video concludes with a disclaimer saying, “All of Taylor’s proceeds for this video will be donated to wild animal conservation efforts through the African Parks Foundation of America”.

The video was mostly shot around Maun, Botswana, while the elephant scenes were shot at Meno a Kwena, also in Botswana. Shooting only finished last week, just in time for the VMAs.

Many of the scenes with Swift were added into the wildlife scenes later on.

Regardless of the charity the video supports, Swift has been criticised for fueling a highly westernised stereotype of Africa. The video resembles an old 1950s Utopian view of an ‘African safari’ and many critics have labelled it as racist, saying it romanticizes a white, colonialist Africa.

The African Parks Foundation of America partners with governments throughout Africa to handle the management of parks like Akagera in Rwanda, Garamba in Congo, and Zakouma in Chad.