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Film blows the lid off canned hunting industry

The killing of Cecil the lion made world headlines – now, a new film hopes to blow the lid off the canned hunting industry.

Blood Lions, which premiered on July 22 at the Durban Film Festival to rave reviews, had its first screening in Cape Town last night at the Labia Theatre.

The film documents the investigation of environmental journalists Ian Michler and Rick Swazey’ s into South Africa’s hunting industry.

Michler said: “People can see for themselves the true nature of the industry.

“People need to understand that canned hunting and lions kept in captivity are all the same. They’re being kept in captivity and killed.

“Our goal is to have all exploitative methods exposed and bring an end to hunting.”

Francis Garrard, director of the Conservation Action Fund, said between 600 and 1000 lions are killed every year.

“Industry and the government deny the term ‘canned hunting’ but this film will create awareness.”