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Crèche children ‘terrified’ of tigers next door, but it seems no laws broken

This is an excerpt from an article written by Naledi Shange and published online by TimesLIVE on 01 October, 2021

Teachers at a daycare centre in Boksburg were shocked last week when, during outside playtime, they looked up and saw a white tiger watching them.

The tiger is neighbour’s pet and was seated on a jungle gym overlooking the crèche. Since then, playtime on that side of the crèche grounds has been stopped.

Speaking to TimesLIVE on Wednesday, the crèche owner — who asked for her name and that of the school to be withheld — said they had since learnt their neighbour had acquired two large white tigers. She has taken several pictures of the tigers from her premises.

Since spotting the animals, the crèche owners have had to cage in the children out of fear the tigers could jump over the fence.

“That fence is not high enough and the tigers will jump. If they don’t jump into our school, they will jump into our other neighbour’s house and, just across the road, there is an old age home. There are approximately four schools in this street so this is a danger to everyone living in the area,” the crèche owner said.

She said she told the children’s parents about the tigers and since then several children have stopped coming to school.

She has approached the owner of the tigers, wildlife organisations and the local councillor with the hope she can receive assistance. She said this has yielded no results because there is seemingly no legislation in place around keeping tigers.