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Animal Encounters: Are They Ethical?
30th March 2015

This tears me apart. I am at an orphaned animal ‘rehab’ centre on a private reserve in KwaZulu-Natal. The teen serval…

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Hunting: A Great Debate
8th November 2013

Ian Michler’s diaries for March (‘Seeing the light’) and August (‘Dispelling misconceptions’) were very critical of the trophy hunting industry, calling…

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Crunch Time for Lions
24th June 2013

Lions are not the easiest of wild animals to count, at least not at the scale necessary to make important management…

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Seeing the Light
24th March 2013

Towards the end of last year the Botswana government announced that trophy hunting will no longer be allowed on any state…

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Walking with Lions: Why There is No Role for Captive-Origin Lions Panthera Leo in Species Restoration
9th January 2013

Is there a need for captive-origin lions in reintroduction? Since 1991 well-monitored efforts to restore lions to areas of the species’…

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No Science, No Success and Still No Need for Captive-Origin Lion Reintroduction: A Reply to Abell & Youldon
9th January 2013

Abell & Youldon (2013) claim that restoration of lions using captive-origin animals can contribute to in situ lion conservation, suggesting it…

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Domestic Hell
28th November 2011

In many ways, domestic animals are unfortunate creatures. Almost everything they do is for the benefit of another life form. They…

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Where Have All the Ethics Gone?
26th September 2011

A few months ago, the south African press carried reports about a dispute between two ‘wildlife parks’ over the ownership of…

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Botswana Gets it Right
28th March 2011

News accounts about environmental concerns in Africa continue to hit the headlines and most, unfortunately, are negative in tone. Given the…

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If it Stays, it Pays
26th September 2010

Trophy hunting associations in Africa and elsewhere have always claimed to be vehemently opposed to canned hunting – the practice of…

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