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Blood Lions wins award for shining light on animal cruelty

As commented on their website: ‘The HSUS honours individuals in the news and entertainment media for creating outstanding works that raise awareness of animal protection issues. 2015 may well have been the year of the lion, with the story of Cecil’s illegal killing capturing worldwide media attention, but just one look at the 30th Genesis Awards winners will remind us of the many other urgent animal protection stories that inspired reporters, TV journalists and producers, documentary filmmakers and a stand-up comedian to spread the word about issues ranging from factory farming to the ivory and wildlife trades. Congratulations to all the outstanding 30th Genesis Awards winners. We thank you for shining the spotlight on animal cruelty and exploitation.’

Blood Lions™ was awarded under the International Feature Documentary Film category as it “spotlights the lucrative South African business of breeding lions in factory farm-like facilities for ‘canned hunts,’ and the growing Asian market for lion bones.”

It is estimated that there are currently between 6,000 and 8,000 predators in captivity, mostly living in appalling conditions with inadequate breeding and welfare protocols in place to protect them. Volunteers believe they are supporting bona fide conservation projects and that the cubs will one day be rewilded. However, lion ecologists state that captive breeding plays no role in the conservation of this species, and that to date no captive bred, hand-reared lions have successfully been rehabilitated into the wild.

Other category winners included the internationally acclaimed documentary, Racing Extinction that captures the efforts of conservationists in saving the world’s threatened species. Closer to home – South African channel, MNET Carte Blanche, was awarded for TV segments on the use of wildlife as pets.

“We are immensely honoured and proud that Blood Lions™ has been recognised by the Humane Society as a Genesis Award winner in the International Feature Documentary Film category. A huge thank you to HSUS from the Blood Lions’ team for this amazing accolade,” said the producer of Blood Lions™, Pippa Hankinson.

The film is available in South Africa on, in the USA on Amazon and through PBS, and in the UK on iTunes. It will also be available very soon on VOD worldwide.