Mandatory prerequisite #2

Why the need for mandatory prerequisite #2?

A national audit of the captive lion industry undertaken by the MTT shows that South Africa has an estimated 7,838 lions in 342 facilities. The panel believes that the growth of the captive lion population in South Africa needs to be curbed and therefore all lions involved in this voluntary exit process need to be sterilised.

Mandatory prerequisite 2 – Population control

With nearly 8,000 captive lions in South Africa, the panel believes the captive lion population needs to be reduced and therefore all lions involved in this voluntary exit process need to be sterilised. 

Why population control?

Since voluntary exit is considered the first step in the ultimate closure of the captive lion industry, the breeding of lions needs to be stopped, regardless whether the lions remain in ownership of the lion farmer or are surrendered to for example a lion safe haven. 

If all lions in the captive lion industry can no longer breed, the commercial captive lion industry will ultimately come to an end.

How is population control achieved?

Population can be achieved by sterilisation, contraception or separating the males from the female lions. However, the method should preferably be permanent and therefore the panel advised in their population control protocol surgical sterilisation of both male and female lions. This should obviously be carried out by a qualified and registered veterinarian.

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