Where do South Africa’s Live Exported Leopards Go?

The top 5 importing countries from South Africa (2010- 2020) are:
  • China
  • Malawi
  • Egypt
  • Canada
  • Vietnam
An interesting importing country in this Top 5 is Malawi, where eight out of the 18 wild leopards were exported to from South Africa for the purpose of reintroduction into the wild in 2011 and 2012. African Parks translocated a total of six leopards to Majete Wildlife Reserve as part of the predator introduction programme.
According to the below paper some successes were achieved by the project, with all individuals surviving more than 2.5 years post-release. All but one female successfully raised cubs, and three of the leopards established permanent home ranges.
The full research paper can be accessed via ResearchGate here.