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WATCH: Youth for Lions sink their teeth into new anti-lion-cub petting campaign

The Blood Lions ‘YouthForLions’ team have officially launched a brand new animated clip showing the life cycle of a captive bred lion in South Africa, to create awareness across the globe.

The ‘YouthForLions’ as a movement found its feet shortly on the heels of the international award winning Blood Lions® feature film documentary in 2015. It is a youth-based campaign, focused on educating the youth about wildlife interactive activities and how these activities negatively impact the lives of the animals.

It aims to spread awareness across the globe about the captive lion breeding industry and the exploitative activities that go hand-in-hand with it, such as cub petting, lion walking, the lion bone trade and canned hunting.

As a result, the campaign’s new release is a simplified and animated look at how lion cubs, born in captivity in South Africa, are often taken away from their mothers when they are younger than 10 days old.

” When travelling in South Africa, Think before you visit, cuddle, walk or volunteer with predators including lions, tigers, leopard and cheetah. Don’t be part of the problem; help be part of the change.”

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