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Respect for dolphins and wild animals: Coquille Bonheur stays the course

After setting up a policy in favor of dolphins, Coquille Bonheur, the agency of Christian Lefèvre engaged in the receptive, now refuses to promote tourist activities exploiting wild animals. Having a responsible approach on ethical issues does not impact business negatively, he says. On the contrary.

The promotion of walking with wild animals in captivity was so aggressive and effective that nobody questions the ethical. Except at Coquille Bonheur where we initially adopted the policy of not promoting travel to see or swim with dolphins.

“It’s been five years since we adopted this approach. It has become an act of barbarism, with boats chasing dolphins and damaging their peace, without the authorities intervening. We did not want to be complicit in this, “ says Christian Lefèvre, the agency’s founder.

Coquille Bonheur has now decided to adopt the same responsible approach to wild animals bred in captivity. Not only because there have been some incidents with visitors, but mainly because the captive breeding of wild animals suggests, beyond the exploitation through visits, traffic possibilities at the end of the year. life, especially in terms of remains: skin, teeth, limbs, etc.

“There are species that need to be treated differently. We chose to align with the Blood Lions campaign with Pippa Hankinson . We also believe that these wild animals must be found in their environment where they remain wild. Our position is clear and we act according to our conscience. The wild belongs to the wild; and nowhere else, “ says Christian Lefèvre.

Those who love this type of walk with animals are looking for sensations in the form of immediate gratification, explain the promoters of the campaign “Blood Lions” . The wild animal bred in captivity is presented to them as a pet, which it is not. By what methods are these animals rendered at this level of passivity or docility; again, this requires investigation and transparency. But what is certain is that the activity offered to tourists, foreign and local, is practiced with a denatured animal and out of its natural environment. This is not the normal behaviour that a wild animal adopts when it is free in its jungle which is the true ecosystem from which it was removed.

Coquille Bonheur is also committed to protecting children from certain international organizations. Conscious of the existence of sex tourism practiced by predators of children, its agents are sensitized on the particular question of the sexual exploitation of minors.

Customers react very well, says Christian Lefèvre. No constraint on both sides; if there are any who are interested in this activity, they go there; but in other ways. Most understand this moral and ethical positioning and are delighted to be awakened to this awareness. “It does not affect business; customers already appreciate our services and, moreover, they realize that we have an ethical position regarding respect for nature, “ he says.

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