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Canned lion hunting sprang to the world’s attention with the 2015 launch of the documentary, Blood Lions. This movie blew the cover off a brutal industry that has burgeoned in the last decade or so, operating largely under the radar of public concern. In Cuddle Me Kill Me, veteran wildlife campaigner Richard Peirce reveals horrifying facts about the industry. He tells the true story of two male lions rescued from breeding farms. The exploitation and misery of these apex predators when they are bred in captivity. How young cubs are removed from their mothers mere hours after birth. How they are first used for petting by an adoring (and paying) public. Their subsequent use for ‘walking with lions’ tourism. And how, in the final stage of exploitation, they are served up in fenced enclosure for execution by canned hunters – or simply shot by breeders for the value of their carcass, a prized product in the East. Well researched by Peirce with the help of an undercover agent, and illustrated with photos taken along the way, this is a disturbing and passionate plea to end commercial captive lion breeding and the repurposing of wildlife to cater for human greed.

Published by Penguin Random House.