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BREAKING NEWS: World Animal Protection releases new report: Trading Cruelty

Trading Cruelty – ‘The demand for traditional medicine is fuelling a boom in big cat farms in South Africa and Asia.’

Thousands of big cats, mostly lions and tigers are farmed – bred and killed – annually for their body parts to fuel the highly lucrative global market for traditional Asian medicine products. These products include wines, capsules, gels and balms believed to cure ailments ranging from arthritis to meningitis.

The trade in big cat species is mostly either illegal or regulated by international and domestic laws. This report reveals an expanding industry with serious animal welfare concerns and fragmented enforcement. It also highlights how big cat farming facilities drive the commodification of wild animals, while failing to protect them from poaching. The cross-continental trade of tiger and lion bones, products for sale, and consumer attitudes are also explored.

Read the full report here: