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Breaking news: Wild leopards captured for hunting on Walter Slippers’ farm

This is an excerpt from a post on the Blood Lions Facebook page dated 05 August, 2016

An ex-volunteer has come forward to share new information from Jan Walter Slippers’ farm in Limpopo Province where animal exploitation and neglect was recently revealed.

“One of the workers kept coming every few days, saying he needed chicken, so I presumed he needed it for Layla, their ‘house lion’ and I walked up to their house (they were away again). The worker said if I was quiet he would show me what they were for.

“There were seven wild leopards in a concrete shed at the back of their house. The leopards were separated by two rooms – both of no more than 6m² each. The animals were aggressive, scared and several were injured – it was terrifying. I’m afraid I vomited on the spot I was so horrified. I had heard a truck late at night leaving and returning, and I was told by two of the workers that Walter would get phone calls from farmers with problem leopards and go to trap them and put them in this shed for American hunters to shoot in hunting season.

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