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Blood Lions® partners with to launch national awareness campaign is a crowdfunding philanthropy platform that helps leverage funding for worthy causes across South Africa.

Blood Lions® and WILDLANDS are extremely excited to announce that they now have a campaign on this powerful platform, to raise funding that can support the amplification of their message and spread awareness about cub petting, predator breeding and canned hunting. The Blood Lions® film and campaign has been incredibly powerful in spreading awareness across the globe, with millions of people reached using their digital platforms.

“Through these online channels we have been able to highlight and expose all the issues around the predator breeding and canned hunting industries in a manner that has been vital for decision-makers in the public and government arenas worldwide,” said Nicola Gerrard, Blood Lions® Digital Media Manager. “One challenge that we continue to face is on the awareness front around animal interactions. Volunteers and tourists continue to feel that their personal interactions at these cub petting and breeding facilities is somehow different and not, in fact, exploitative and commercial in nature. To have join the campaign is another major boost to ensure these messages are driven hard. The public, our networks and partners continue to play a key role in exposing the truth behind cub petting, predator breeding and canned hunting.”

“Blood Lions® is a vital awareness campaign and film for lion, and more broadly, predator conservation in South Africa – ultimately giving them a voice. The cub petting, predator breeding and canned hunting industry needs as much exposure as possible and is proud to be able to assist with funding and awareness,” concluded Ryan Sobey, Head of Operations for

To contribute to this campaign and see how you can make a difference, please follow this link: