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The producers of the feature film BLOOD LIONS, Wildlands and Regulus Vision, are pleased to announce that they have secured both local and global distribution for the film, BLOOD LIONS.

PBS International have picked up the global rights to the film, and will be distributing the film worldwide, outside of South Africa.

Indigenous film distribution will handle the South African rights.

Blood Lions follows acclaimed environmental journalist and safari operator Ian Michler, and Rick Swazey, an American hunter, on their journey to uncover the realities about the multimillion-dollar predator breeding and canned lion hunting industries in South Africa. It is a story that blows the lid off all the conservation claims made by the breeders and hunters in attempting to justify what they do.

Tom Koch, Vice President of PBS International: “Blood Lions is a rare program that reveals the dark and brutal side of trophy hunting in Africa. Programs like this are equally rare and exceptional and should be seen by audiences around the globe. We are proud to represent this film to the international community.”

Helen Kuun of Indigenous Film Distribution:“We are honoured to be able to showcase the film on the big screen to audiences around South Africa over the next few months. As part of the awareness campaign it is of great importance to create a way for audiences and media alike to interact with the film in a cinema environment. The DVD will be available next year.”

Andrew Venter, CEO of Wildlands and Executive Producer: “Blood Lions exposes the cons of Lion breeding and hunting in South Africa. Over 900 lions are hunted each year, with 99% bred for the bullet. They are hand-reared by paying volunteers that believe they are saving “Africa’s Lions”. 4 days after their release from a life in captivity they are considered wild and can then be shot by hunters looking for a guaranteed kill; or slaughtered for the Lion bone trade to China. We have to stop this barbaric and fraudulent practise and believe that Blood Lions will help us do this.”

Pippa Hankinson of Regulus Vision:

Blood Lions was produced to create global awareness. It a call to action – to encourage all who view it to make conscious choices. I believe we are all accountable. We are being challenged as to our roles and responsibilities regarding our relationship with and treatment of these magnificent creatures – indeed all animals – not only for us, but for future generations to come.”

“The Blood Lions campaign is starting to get significant traction. Since the launch, we have been overwhelmed by the global response across all sectors of society. This should serve as a clear indication to governments and the various authorities around the world that they need to come together to close down predator breeding facilities and canned hunting operations” says Ian Michler.

Interest in the film has exploded since its reception of a standing ovation at its World Premiere at the recent Durban International Film Festival (DIFF), on 22nd July. The overwhelming response to the film and issues it raises on social media has been phenomenal, with the likes of Ricky Gervais and Ellen Degeneres tweeting the film and stories.

The killing of “Cecil the Lion” in Zimbabwe in an allegedly illegal hunt has brought the spotlight to South Africa’s practices of canned hunting, and a massive interest in the film, from both ordinary people and wildlife organizations, has enabled the producers to fast-track the distribution of the film.

The film commenced targeted and curated theatrical screenings across South Africa on the 14th August, and rolled-out across the country thereafter. PBS have commenced the international sales of the film globally.