In 2020, Blood Lions released a joint scientific study with World Animal Protection highlighting how the captive lion breeding industry in South Africa poses a real and serious health risk to thousands of tourists, industry workers and communities –

but what does that actually mean?

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Zoonotic Disease Research

READ the original PEER REVIEWED ARTICLE about African Lions and Zoonotic Diseases.


Join us as we unpack our research findings, which include five major zoonotic diseases linked to the commercial captive lion breeding industry.

Study identifies 63 pathogens known to affect lions

Blood Lions recently released a peer-reviewed study with World Animal Protection highlighting key issues regarding zoonotic diseases and their link to…

Five major diseases linked to captive lion breeding

Five major diseases have been identified in Blood Lions’ recently released study with World Animal Protection that can inflict serious health…

How does a “zoonotic jump” occur?

Zoonotic diseases are infectious diseases caused by bacteria, parasites or viruses that can be passed between mammals and people. The pathogen…

23 human diseases found in lions

Although there are 5 main diseases we’ve unpacked in #TheSick5, there are a total of 23 diseases that can potentially be transmitted…

No studies conducted on commercial breeding farms

There are currently no known scientific studies that have investigated lion’s health and diseases on commercial breeding farms in South Africa,…

Thousands of people at risk of infection

The commercial captive breeding industry in South Africa puts thousands of people at risk of infection with potential zoonotic diseases. This…